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Hippocraties (father of modern medicine from whom we have the Hipocratic oath doctors take) stated "Your mdeicine shall be your food and your food shall be your medicine." Harvard medical aschool stated that if you eat all the colors of the fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables you will get all your nutrition. This is not a new idea as it was practiced by such illuminaries as Plato, Socrates,Leonardo DaVinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Schwitzer, Ghandi and Albert Einstein. The National Academey of Sciences and the World Health Organization at the United Nations also concur with this. We will take a close at the food Pyramid developed by Dr Neal Barnard (associate for disease prevention at George Washington University) and see just how to take the best care of this human system. We will take note of our Physiology and see just exactly how the body works with experts like Dr. Frank Oski (Director, Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University) and DR. T. Colin Campbell (nutrition biochemist,Cornell University) have to say as well. We will see 3 simple steps to safely loose 50 to 100 pounds a year and never be hungry or cranky! We will take a look at studies from the U S Fish and Wildlife about bio accumulation and the Smithsonian Institute about our food chain and why we need to be concerned abut what we consume. REMEMBER: what you eat and drink, walks and talks tomorrow, you are what you eat!

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