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Most seminar location are
within the United States.
However, some are held in other countries.

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Scheduling a Seminar
The seminars are three nights long, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I have a presentation Saturday morning to interest people in coming to all the evening meetings (generally, over half those that come to the morning presentation continue to come all three nights).

I use a PowerPoint presentation all 3 nights including videos the first two nights. The host organization is ask to be responsible for 6 to 8 handouts each night, and house me, and if they can help with my airfare. I take up an offering on the last night (there is no actual charge for the seminar) and make my videos and dvd's available for sale. A free set of videos/dvd's is provided for whoever does child care.

On the opening night I hand out receipes and they choose what they want to bring on Monday for the Banquet from 5:30 to 6:30. I do not use guilt or shame nor tell them they have to do this and can never do that... it is always their choice. I show them what is Good, Better and then Best from the Bible and medical research. Participants are free to decide how they want to feel: Good, Better or Best. The lectures are fast, fun and easy to understand. I have letters of recommendation if you wish.

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