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  Dec 2008
"Paul is the consummate professional, with a clear, crisp, concise presentation..."
Rev. Greer G. Jensen
Big Pine Key, Florida
  Jan 2007
"Paul's vast knowledge of health comes from many leading doctors, medical institutions and universities from around the world."
Lee Sinnes, PE/Health Teacher
Port Angeles, WA
  Nov 2006
"Over 90 Adults attended the first night alone, and we received a lot of positive feedback."
James Brenn, Senior Pastor
Skyline Foursquare Church
  Apr 2006
"... the network[s] ... are saying that they will be using your segment taped with us [TBN Hawaii] ... This will be aired worldwide."
Cheryl Witbeck
TBN Hawaii
  Apr 2006
"... with an average age of 82 years .... We had an excellent turnout and it was one of the most appreciated seminars we have had here. I found Paul to demonstrate faith and trust in a non-threatening and unobtrusive way."
Bruce Peterson, Chaplain
Marrion Gardens, Victoria BC
  Mar 2006
"Paul took time to find out more about the Fijian lifestyle and eating habits. This helped him to relate..."
Pastor Timaima Cakau
Calvary Temple - Samabula
  Mar 2006
"Mr. Volk, a very stunch Christian, who wishes to share his gifts of healthy living to all people."
Epineri Vakadewavosa [Rev. Dr.]
Methodist Davuilevu Theological College, Nausori
  Mar 2006
"Mr. Volk volunteered his services and lectured on diet, exercise and stress management. Mr. Volk's contribution was greatly appreciated by the participants. It was lively, informative and practical."
Lorraine Meades, Director
Suva, Fiji Islands
  Mar 2006
"It was an eye-opening and motivational experience for us all. We are grateful for his voluntary service."
Mrs. Talica Malani
FIJI LDS Church College, Suva, Fiji
  Nov 2005
"On behalf of International WHO'S WHO of Professionals, I ... inform you that you have been nominated as a candidate...."
Wayne Uehara
International Who's Who
  May 2005
"I would recommend highly your presentation to other organizations and particularly to church groups as I tend to think that church members are more disciplined in their manner of living and caring for their health."
Robbie Robinson
United Methodist Church
  Dec 2004
"Because Paul has a passion for his subject and genuine care and concern for the health of all people, his lecturing is engaging, ecxiting and persuasive. He has a gift for speaking with enthusiasm and conviction..."
Chriss Brickert
Faith Lutheran Church
  Dec 2004
"His Topics range from sleep, to hydration, to personal hygene, to nutrition, to decision making. His lectures are fact filled and he does a great job keeping the student's interest."
Matt Hinkle
Shelton High School
  Nov 2004
"Paul brings personal, entertaining, and logical approach to sharing with students a multitude of current medical findings on the positive effects of a lifestyle that includes vegetarian diet, as well as abstinence from drugs and alcohol."
Eric Fredericks
Oakland Bay Jr. High School
  Oct 2004
"As a health educator I was really impressed with his knowledge, communication, and interaction with the students. I felt he had a huge impact on the students...."
(Health Teacher)
Gooding High School
  Dec 2003
"The session was very informative and the students a very captivated audience. They demonstrated interest and were enthused about the knowledge received. Mr. Volk has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he successfully transferred to the participants in his unique style."
Gloria, Chief Nursing Officer
  Dec 2003
"Your stories and experiences from different parts of the world are indeed quite motivating and challenging. Your understanding and expositions of the fundamental principles of good health and healthly living are winsome and convincing."
St. Clair Thomas, Chief Medical Officer
  Oct 2003
"The things learned in your seminars [show] comtemporary aplication fo these principles to us today and the reasons for applying them. You lovingly presented the health prinicples to our congregation which made it much easier for them to accept and to implement in their lives."
Gary Manzella, Pastor
Shelton, WA
  Oct 2003
"Paul presented health lectures that have made a lasting impact on our chruch family. You will not regret inviting Paul Volk to your church community."
David Moench, Pastor
Tacoma, WA
  Oct 2003
"In my opinion it was the most effective seminar that I have ever attended. Paul is a person that holds ones attention 100 percent of the time."
Ben Lewis, Head Elder
Yelm, WA
  Oct 2002
"We got more than we bargained for. We learned many new things, which we immediately put into place in our own lives. I have found Paul Volk to be delightful to work with."
Gloria Johnson, Director
Club Carefree 50
  Aug 2002
"I have sat through Paul Volk's seminar and would like to recommend his program to churches everywhere. ...he is well informed and a very capable presenter."
Floyd Bresee
Central Point, OR
  May 1997
"His involvement includes work with youth, as well as adults, bring about a better community in which all have benefited. Mr. Volk's commitment and enthusiasm has proven to be a great asset to our families here in Port Townsend."
Julie McCulloch, Mayor
Port Townsend

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