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Pure clean water is what we need, if you are not sure about yours call 1 800-TAKE CARE and Randy will help you understand the different systems and how they work, send a sample of your water and he will help you further. Eight glasses a day is the goal, 10 to 12 is okay too if it is hot out. Try not to drink with your meals as this dilutes your digestive acids (4 oz. is the most to drink at a meal) Two glasses first thing in the morning is the way to get your pluming humming. Your urine is usually dark with a strong odor in the morning but if you are drinking enugh water it should be clear by noon. Try drinking 8 glasses for a few weeks if you are not already and see how you feel. Remember coffee, milk,tea,juice don't count as they have to be digested and they do not create the flushing effect that water does. Since your skin is the largest organ of the body we also need to learn how to take a healthy shower, water on the outside of the body gets the skin clean and breathing.

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